We have done a risk assessment for both Clients and Barbers and we plan to implement a number of small changes to our normal procedures in order to try and ensure your safety while you are in our shop.

Haircuts by appointment - you choose when you want to come and get your haircut. Please use our booking system to book an appointment at a time that suits you.

Social distancing guidelines - please try to follow best practice by keeping away from other people at the distance recommended by the government's guidlines. We will aim for two metres. Please note that the wearing of a face covering is compulsory at all times while you are in the shop.

PPE and working procedures - our Barbers will be wearing PPE for both your protection and their own. All equipment, surfaces and chairs will be thoroughly cleaned using recognised Covid-19 anti-viral cleaners between every haircut.

Waxes and gels - we are currently not allowed to use waxes and gels but we can use sea salt spray to style the hair.

We respectfully ask that all customers should have clean hair when they come to the shop, and that they clean their hands when they arrive. Cleaning materials can be found to the left of the door on entering the shop. The wearing of a face covering is compulsory at all times while you are in the shop.

Please come to your pre-booked appointment alone unless escorting young persons. Young persons should be closely supervised and be kept at the appropriate social distance from other customers.

To try and limit the potential spread of the virus, we will no longer be offering beard cutting for the time being. Regretfully, we will also not have the usual papers, magazines or toys. There will of course be free wifi to fill the void while you wait for your haircut. There will be no toilet facilities on site during the pandemic outbreak.

Finally, all payments are to be made by contactless card payment.